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7. 5. 2010



Is one of the basic necessaries of life. It pertains to all animals, humans including. Sleeping provides regeneration of an organism as a whole and load it with vitality. The best conditions for sleeping are ensured in the course of Night.





 Is one of the most frequent dyssomnias. Nowadays, more and more people suffer from Insomnia. It can be considered as a civilizing illnes. What are the main reasons for Insomnia? It can be neglecting of the basic principles of sleep hygiene or a more serious disorder in the body causes it. In the second case, seeing a doctor is necessary. Mostly we cannot sleep because of energization caused by stress or external influences.



To precede insomnia, we should follow the following conventions:

Do not eat too heavy food immediately before sleeping.

Do not drink coffee and beverages which contain caffeine nor any other energizers.

The best place for sleeping is good ventilated and quiet room with temperature about 20°C.

One should not have any electrical utilization equipments (mobil phones including) next to his bed.

Light work, sports and walking on fresh air before sleeping are also good means against insomia.

It is also recommended to drink some herbal teas (balm,valerian root,etc.) We should consum food rich of vitamines B and magnesium. Good source of those important substances is for example cane tracle.

Another supplement helping to improve sleep is melatonin. I would also recommend using a psychowalkman.

Just before sleep we should think of nothing. Contemplation does not help to fall asleep at all, contrariwise.