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3. 1. 2009


Well, the first recording of my songs  was  done via Audacity. Now I use digital recorder MICRO BR that provides higher sound quality. I must say that  I am very satisfy with this instrument. Some advantages that Micro Br has are for example: small size, an internal microphone, easy operating, possibillity to use batteries and so on. You can make your recordings in the confort of your home,  without any press. You can also experiment with various kind of sounds and effect until you find the best sound for you.

This way of recording is good mainly if you play all the instruments by yourself an also when you have got  drum machine. At the same time, Micro can serve as a starting point for your further musical development. In short, Micro Br is great equipment for fair price.

Concerning the final adjustment of my records (such as cutting, etc.) I use Audacity to it.