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29. 8. 2008


Well, where is metal point to? What is its future? Let us try to answer these questions.

Personally I think that Heavy Metal will stay here for a long time and will keep its stance within pop culture. Although this music has not so large fan baseline as other styles of the pop(techno,rap,soul,etc.) we can find people who listen and play Metal almost all over the world.There is a new generation of metal fans growing up. 

As to the music itself one must admit that the most player techniques and riffs have already been formed. Nevertheless  some innovations surely will come. Certain dose of originality we can still find in the way of composing songs by metal musicians.

Heavy Metal is very open music genre. His development runs and is perceptible mainly within Progressive Metal. Another important thing is that mixing of various metal styles hinder from its stagnation. And what will metal look like some day? It is hard to say. Only the time will show us.