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25. 6. 2009




Part I. Bigboss is speaking.

Hello all Metal maniac,

As you may noticed, I am here alone for today. I feel entirely deserted without presence of the other members of my band Root. But I will not restrain you by the uselles gup(s) and will be speaking about the new album "Daemon Viam Inventient". For those who cannot understand Latin it means "Daemon will always find the way". The CD contains 13 tracks as a whole. After about 10 years,I do not remember it exactly,that passed from an album Kargeras, I wrote further thematic album. And what is the album all about? 
It is a story.
It is a story about Daemons who once donated this Earth to people. And because people had destroyed the Earth totally,the demons decided to take it back. The whole story ends up by total extermination of all people. Demons took back their garden-plot so that they could cultivate it again. Even a videoclip was made on it. Most of songs on the album were written by me because after Blackie had left the band, it stayed on me. The boys disavowed from it. Notwithstanding, they have contributed by fundamental songs which are often better than those ones done by me. But as usualy, I am the only who wrote all the lyric. Root also became harder,it is very agressive music, and I hope that you will be satisfied with it. I would recommend you warmly the songs of mine but just ignore it, you take notice of my playmate's songs instead. (smile)

Part II.

In this part Bigboss tells about making the videoclip Sonata of the chosen ones. He has a guest in studio whose name is Jakub Rusek. The guest is actually the only actor in that videoclip and he depicts his adventures during the shooting.
Bigboss is telling about how he ran Jakub through leafness, trees, sticks.. Jakub entrusts to the audience that he had to throw heavy sword repeatedly,which was very depleting for him.

Part III.

Bigboss is introducing the actual CD and also DVD Deep in Root.

Part IV.

It is about tour No Mercy Festival 2007